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California cheapest places to live

California cheapest places to live, If you’re looking for the cheapest areas to live in California, look no further. Where should you be searching right now?

Many people are looking for the ideal area to live in California, despite how expensive it has grown to live in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

So, where in California are the cheapest locations to live right now? Which is the cost of living in that location? What are some other options for saving money on housing? Which is the cost of living in different states? If you think now is a good moment to relocate, who should you turn to for assistance?

California cheapest places to live


Bakersfield is a surprisingly affordable area to reside in California, with a typical property price of about $254,430. While it may not be the most beautiful of Golden State cities, it is located on the primary highway connecting Southern and Northern California, making it convenient to tour the rest of the state. cheapest places to live:-

Several Bakersfield communities have average property values of around $300,000.

cheapest places to live including in:

  • Kern City
  • Casa Loma
  • Southgate
  • Lakeview
  • Park Stockdale
  • Benton Park
  • Oleander Sunset


Stockton, CA, a well-known boom-and-bust town, continues to offer affordable housing. Before the market recovers, these could become even more affordable.

The median home value in the area is roughly $384,000 dollars. Though, as in Bakersfield, there is a range of less expensive communities to visit.

Those with more inexpensive median property values include:

  • Midtown West
  • Wilson Heights
  • Country Club
  • Anderson
  • Swain Oaks
  • University
  • Holiday Park


Fresno is located halfway between Stockton and Bakersfield. It’s an excellent headquarters for visitors to Yosemite National Park and its surrounding woodlands.

The average property price in this area is a little over $309,000. Homes under $300,000 can be found in the following areas:

  • Edison
  • Central
  • Fresno High Roeding
  • McLane
  • Roosevelt


Clovis, located just outside of Fresno, is one of the most affordable cities in California. It is popular among those who wish to grow their own food, young families looking for safer neighborhoods, and visitors to the nearby waterpark.

Clovis is not one of the most affordable cities on this list. The median home value in the area is just over $420,000. Selma, Reedley, Sangler, Fowler, and Coarsegold, on the other hand, are less expensive neighborhoods to visit.


The state capital is Sacramento. House prices in this area have risen in tandem with those in the rest of California and its most well-known cities. At just over $430,000, home prices are comparable to Clovis. Also, don’t expect to locate any low-cost rentals. Tahoe Park South, Colonial Heights, and North Oak Park are some of Sacramento’s more affordable neighborhoods.


Fontana is located in San Bernardino County, California. It is located between the cities of Riverside and Rancho Cucamonga. The proximity to numerous natural outdoor activities. As well as being on the road to Downtown LA, provide an excellent balance for people seeking more from life.

This part of California has a reputation for being cheaper than the rest of the state. Despite this, average property prices in this area of the Inland Empire can approach $500,000. In San Bernardino, Bloomington, and Colton, you can get a better price.


In Butte County, is a city rich in history, museums, and family-friendly activities. And is even further north than Sacramento for people who prefer cooler weather.

It is marginally less expensive than Fontana, but average property prices are still over $430,000.

In nearby cities like Biggs, Los Molinos, Corning, Oroville, Magalia, and Gridley. You might be able to find a house for less than half that price.


Between Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California, is the city of Eureka. It does not have a strong reputation for safety, yet MacroTrends reports that crime rates decreased in 2017 and 2018.

If you want to live near the water, Eureka has a lot of options starting at roughly $350,000. Rio Dell and Fortuna provide even more affordable housing options.

In California, There Are Ways To Live Even Cheaper

All of the cities and neighborhoods on this list are comparable bargains. With an average property price of nearly $1.5 million in San Francisco and over $700,000 statewide.

For some folks, this is still a lot. Those who have been affected by the recent recession, in particular, may have difficulty obtaining a large house mortgage loan.

The coronavirus epidemic served as a stark reminder of the dangers and drawbacks of city living.

Tiny houses and rural property are attracting an increasing number of people. Both of these options can result in lower housing costs, greater self-sufficiency, and lower overall living expenditures.

Is it the right moment to relocate to California?

This is an excellent and urgent time to relocate for many Californians. It may be a good moment to sell your home if you can still do so. Especially if you’re still near or over peak pricing from 2008.

Many people might be better suited downsizing and relocating outside of major cities. For a long time, urban jobs will not be what they were. As more businesses operate remotely, some will never return.

We haven’t seen this many possibilities to obtain great discounts on properties in California in over a decade. If you can, this is a terrific time to buy a home because loan rates are at historic lows.

What is the cheapest city in California to live in?

Bakersfield is likely California’s cheapest places to live in, with numerous communities offering housing for under $200,000.

What section of California is the most cost-effective?

There are no areas of California that are more inexpensive than others. You’ll have to scour the state for unique “bargains” that are less expensive than others.

Where on the California coast can you get the cheapest housing?

The communities of Eureka and Crescent City, on the Northern California Coast, are reasonably inexpensive and offer pleasant weather and a stunning natural setting.

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