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Top Place to Visit in Goa

Calangute Beach of Goa

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South of Panaji in North Goa lies Calangute Beach, which is just 16 kilometers away. Baga Beach is also close by; As one of the cleanest beaches in Goa, Calangute Beach stands out amongst the rest. This beach is known for its nightlife, and the pubs you’ll find here are ideal for your vacations in Calangute. When it comes to its meals and amenities, it is unbeatable. In the northeast, Calangute beach has expanded. Calangute beach is also referred to as the largest beach in North Goa because of its size.

Anjuna Beach of Goa

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There is also the Anjuna Beach in North Goa, which can be reached 21 km from Panaji. Anjuna Beach is one of the most popular sea beaches in Goa, with a large number of tourists flocking to it. Anjuna Beach has the best criteria for cleanliness. There is something about its western seafood that enchants travelers. In addition to trance parties, Anjuna Beach is well-known for its music.

Palolem Beach

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It’s located in Margao, South Goa. Known for its scenic beauty and pleasant atmosphere, Palolem Beach is a popular destination. There is a wide variety of plants and animals on Palolem beach. Going to Palolem Beach in Goa, you’ll find a variety of things to do. When it comes to cleanliness, the palm woods will make you feel awestruck. There are palm trees and a colorful log cabin in the background of Palolem Beach.

Arambol Beach

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Located in Panji, Arambol Beach can be found in Goa’s north. On both sides of Arambol Beach. A 16-kilometer stretch of unexplored shoreline. There are steep cliffs. There is a beautiful view of the city from Arambol Beach. Some of the best craftsmanship can be found at Armbol Beach. Which is lined with Banyan trees. The Winter season, from November to March, is the best time to visit the area. And enjoy its natural splendor. Arambol is a small town in Goa. About 43 kilometers (27 miles) north of the state’s capital, Panaji.

For leisure sports like paragliding and kitesurfing during the main season. The area is ideal. Sunset parties are held on Arambol beach. Every evening during the high tourist season. In addition to yoga, meditation, Odissi dance, and musical instruments. There are a variety of alternative medicine practitioners who offer courses in alternative medicine. (like Tabla, Sitar, and other traditional Indian as well as Western instruments).

Arambol hosts the Tribal Dance Festival. As well as the Indian Juggling Convention. Both the Goa Contact Festival. And the In-Touch Festival offers. Contact Improvisation Dance and Somatics classes to their attendees, as well. Everything is set to happen in late January or early February.

Mandrem Beach

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Located in Panji, Goa, Mandrem Beach is 32 km north of the state’s capital. There are little sandhills at Mandrem Beach. The water sports that can be enjoyed here are sure to make your vacation a memorable one. As one of the cleanest beaches. Mandrem Beach has a reputation as a place to spend romantic evenings with loved ones. In addition to the Goan Feni. Mandrem Beach is well-known for its stone art.

Mandrem is a coastal village in India’s North Goa district that is a popular tourist destination. 21 km away from the city of Panaji.

Two main beaches can be found here: Junas and Ashvem.

On Mandrem Beach you’ll find white sand,  crystal clear water. In between the twin beaches of Morjim and Arambol. You’ll find the beach of Mandrem. It is a very peaceful and quiet place. Seawater rushes into the Mandrem Creek or River at High Tide, adding to the beauty of Mandrem Beach. Accordingly, Mandrem Creek follows a straight line. It’s not uncommon to see local fishermen hauling their catch from the sea in Mandrem.

Morjim Beach

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Located in Panji, Morjim Beach is 29 km north of Goa in Panji. There are a lot of birds and small water animals at Morjim Beach, which is why it’s so popular. In Morjim Beach, the species can lay their eggs. A perfect weekend is a combination of a variety of factors including moderation, cleanliness, ambiance, and the variety of food. Pacific ridley sea turtles lay their eggs at Morjim Beach, as do a variety of birds.

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